Saturday, January 14, 2012

Unschooling Blog Carnival

We've decided to revive the Unschooling Blog Carnival!! 
Find out more here!

I have to confess, I didn't really understand these blog carnivals when I first encountered them on different people's blog sites. I had gone to their site to read THEIR posts, but instead, I got a collection of other people's posts. I wasn't unhappy, because I found myself stumbling onto some really interesting bloggers I might have otherwise never found. But, still, I just didn't *get it*.

A few months ago, someone sent me a link to the Homeschool Blog Carnival. They did such a great job explaining it all on their website. And then they provided links that were even more helpful. Next thing you know, I was contributing to their carnival and really enjoying the interactions that were coming from it.

I couldn't help but wonder, "What if it was just unschooling blogs though?" I wasn't really interested in someone struggling with curriculum or trying to making handwriting more fun.  But I did miss conversations with parents that looked at learning as simply a part of life.  No curriculum, no lesson plans, no testing.

I poked around and it seemed that I had missed the boat - or really the Carnival had come to town and I didn't notice! There had been several Unschooling Blog Carnivals over the past few years. Most were being done by parents whose kids were still at home.  Mine were moving on.  But for one reason or another, they were inactive.  The Homeschool Blog Carnival by the Cates family was entering its 6th year though! They obviously had a winning formula for longevity.  And I wanted to see if we could provide the same thing for unschooling blogs.  Granted, Unschooling is a smaller sub-group of Homeschooing, but the writers are smart and prolific!!

And thus the seed was planted and a small plant is forming.  I hope if you've stumbled on my Unschooling blog, you'll participate in the Unschooling Blog Carnival.  Maybe it's because my kids are leaving the nest, I'm having a feeling that we need to stay connected in some way. What better way for UNSCHOOLERS to stay connected than through a CARNIVAL!?!?!?

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