Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Unschooling Your Teens - FB Resource!

Have you ever noticed how great information simply scrolls off the bottom of a Facebook page?  That may change with the new Timeline format that's coming, but for now, I lose things all the time! I think something sounds worthwhile to read and plan to come back to it later when the house is quieter, or I'm just less distracted.  But then, I find that I a) don't remember where I saw it, or b) that particular wall has now been engulfed with 6 more hours of worldwide comments. I simply cannot find it.

So last fall, I started a Facebook page and simply started posting the interesting articles, videos, blogposts that pertained to families with teenagers learning at home.  I didn't make it public, I just stored articles there.  Eventually, I realized that others might benefit from this resource and even be capable of sharing articles that they find out on the internet. I wrote to a few friends and flipped the switch to "Public."

Someone asked if this is a Discussion forum. The answer is Yes and No. Yes, in that we can discuss whatever the article, video, blogpost that's up on the wall. But no, in that I'd prefer questions that don't pertain to the uploaded links be handled on the many lists that exist out on Facebook and the web that handle this. I agree that there are very few places that parents of teens can share specifically to that age range. But, perhaps something will come. If you are interested in the materials, or have something to share that is specific for parents of teens, please join the page.

In the meantime, here's my new Facebook Page: 
If you go to this link, "like" the page,  any updates will be automatically sent to your Facebook newsfeed.

Please share this link! 


Karen said...

I couldn't get the link to work. Sounds like a great resource too!

Sue said...

Thanks, Karen! I didn't realize the url at the top of that Facebook page wouldn't be available at other sites.
I've created an URL and now it works.

Thanks again!

Sue said...

A URL? An URL? Not sure which is right!

Oh well. lol