Thursday, July 12, 2012


I'm fascinated by what motivates people... in the workplace, in the home, everywhere! This video talks about the human desire for self-motivation, and how creativity and innovation really only comes with autonomy.  This video can be applied in lots of different areas.
Check it out!

I'm adding a label Sue's Video Collection, so I (and you, if you're interested) can easily find these great videos that I run across out on the internet, Facebook, etc. They seem to vanish on me, and then I'm left wondering where it was, who shared it, or the specifics of the video. So, hopefully this will help!

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Audacious Gardener said...

Interesting! I've found the bigger reward doesn't equal better performance to be true for myself. When I was making beads and they were selling well, I found bead making became a huge chore and I stopped doing it. :-)